eXPerience 2.09

XP styling for your Pocket PC

Whether you find your way around more easily in XP, or you simply want to completely change the appearance of your handheld device, don't miss out on eXPerience. It's a virtual environment for your Pocket PC 2002 or WM 2003 based on the popular interface and design of Windows XP.

eXPerience offers a practical and simple way of re-organizing the graphical design of your PPC, adding the classic 'Start' button, drop-down windows, the task par with personalizable icons, and other interesting elements from Microsoft's most recent and popular operating system.

As well as its visual changes, eXPerience adds a range of new functions to your Pocket PC including desktop background rotation, unlimited shortcuts, a handy task manager, search for documanets and files, 'Run' function for executing commands or applications... and much more.

This is really a new 'eXPerience' for your Pocket PC.

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eXPerience 2.09

User reviews about eXPerience

  • iwilkomirsky

    by iwilkomirsky

    "does not work on wm5 or above"

    i found o the website of experience that it does not work on wm5 or above, just wm2002, 2003 and 2003SE. i had an ip...   More.

  • Brian Hahn

    by Brian Hahn

    "Not a Valid Program"

    I tried to install it on Windows Mobile 6.1 on a Palm Treo Pro and I got the message, "Not a Valid Mobile Pr...   More.

  • Jeremy123

    by Jeremy123

    "It keep messing up"

    It keeps saying that it's a problem so you can really open.   More.